Cable repair engineering

Offshore cable repairs are characterised by uncertainties and the requirement to mobilise a project team and repair equipment quickly. We provide independent engineering & consultancy services to various clients:

  • Cable repair procedures with associated storyboards
  • (Lead) Project and field engineers (GWO certified)
  • Fast-track and complete hydrodynamic removal and installation analyses
  • Equipment selection & deck layout design

Preventive or fast-track

Cable repairs are always undesired. In order to reduce risks and operational downtime, ECE Offshore has developed a set of procedures, methodologies and computation algorithms to be able to perform a complete cable repair engineering scope within 2-3 weeks.

We also provide preventive repair studies. We investigate applicable repair strategies, associated workability limitation and critical steps throughout the complete repair cycle.

Track Record

Over the years, we gained a vast track record with cable repair engineering works. The works included joint deployments from vessels, barges, jack-ups and cable removal & re-installation from platforms, turbines and shore landings.

  • Ormonde cable repair
  • London Array Cable Repair
  • Egmond Cable Repair
  • Gwynt-y-Mor cable repair
  • CIEG cable repair
  • Horns Rev 3 Cable Repair
  • Rampion Cable Repair
  • Hornsea One Cable Repair
  • NemoLink Repair Study
  • Blyth Demonstrator replacement