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LIDAR-based object detection

OASYS is a survey-grade point-cloud data acquisition, processing and visualisation package developed with the goal of optimising time-critical operations by implementing automatic object detection capabilities.

Combining high-resolution LIDARs with OASYS provide a wide range of opportunities:

  • Monopile inclination monitoring
  • Relative positioning between two objects
  • Crane load tracking



ECE Offshore performed in-depth trials to investigate the feasibility of using LIDAR systems for monopile inclination monitoring from floating platforms.

Various LIDAR systems were tested and the results were verified against Total Station obtained ground truth measurements. Key figures obtained during the test:

  • The relative inclination measurement error over a 1200s continuous measurement was 0.013°, which provides the possibility to have absolute inclination measurement errors below 0.25°.
  • The relative xy-position had a measurement error of approximate 1mm

Depending on the used sensors, measurement times took 200ms-1s which is sufficiently fast to perform measurements from a floating platform.