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Automatic object tracking

OASYS’ features automatic point-cloud based object detection which is applicable to various operations:

  • Tracking objects that are lowered to the seabed: quadrant deployment, mattress installation & deployment of subsea structures
  • Tracking of objects on the seabed such as boulder clearance of trenching ploughs

Accurate object positioning requires high-resolution data. OASYS uses 2D multibeam echosounders (MBES) with a large swath width (10° to 160°), sounding depth and resolution (0.45° x 0.9° at 450kHz) in order to obtain sufficient data quality and position accuracy.



OASYS it’s object recognition capacity is perfect to monitor the position of objects in the water column. The installation of subsea protection mattress is a perfect application:

  • The position, altitude and rotation of the mattress frame is tracked instantly and compared with the target laydown position in order to provide correction values
  • An installed mattress can be surveyed instantly and its location can be used for the installation of the consecutive mattress
  • The system is vessel-fixed and therefore not influenced by current flow velocities
  • Reduce dependency of ROVs when the OASYS is combined with a remote release system on the mattress deployment frame


Boulder clearance / trenching monitoring

Use OASYS from an ASV to monitor plough-based boulder clearance / trenching operations. Key benefits:

  • Monitor the position, heading and orientation of the plough in real-time and compare it with the target route
  • Perform quality-control on the plough performance as disturbed seabed profile and rock berms are directly visible
  • Get a direct indication of the plough’s scouring depth