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Installation Analyses

We believe that installation analyses should not only assess feasibility and workability levels, but also provide guidance to the installation process. We simulate offshore operations and identify operational risks.

Combining  our offshore experience at various projects with detailed understanding of hydrodynamics and vessel motions provides best in class and cost-effective installation engineering solutions. 

To be able to always meet our deadline, we extended OrcaFlex with our own model building, simulation, post-processing and reporting functions. 

We offer the following services:

  • Cable installation related dynamic installation analyses using OrcaFlex: cable lay, first & second-end pull-in, joint deployments
  • Equipment deployment analyses
  • Workability assessment
  • Mooring analyses
  • Diffraction analyses

Track record

We’ve performed installation analyses for the following projects:

  • Ras Laffan – Halul Interconnector
  • NemoLink Cable Repair Study
  • Horns Rev 3 Cable Repair
  • Gemini OWF
  • Ormonde Cable Repair
  • Hornsea One Cable Repair
  • Kriegers Flak Interconnector
  • RAVN umbilical installation
  • Moray East OWF
  • Walney 3+4 Extension
  • Rampion EC3 installation
  • London Array Cable Repair & Replacement
  • Egmond Cable Repair
  • Northwind Export Cable
  • Galloper OWF
  • Norther OWF

We use OrcaFlex to accurately simulate cable installation operations