Cable installation engineering

We provide a wide range of cable related engineering services to the offshore wind industry. Over the years, we supported various clients with pull-in operations, load-outs, cable repairs and civil engineering works.  

  • Typical cable installation procedures: cable lay + first & second-end pull-ins
  • Shore landing design
  • HDD duct engineering
  • Pile stability calculations
  • Deck layout design
  • Seafasting and rigging design
  • Cable load-outs

Track record

Our engineers have been involved at the following projects:

  • Ras Laffan – Halul Interconnector
  • NemoLink Cable Repair Study
  • Horns Rev 3 Cable Repair
  • Gemini OWF
  • Ormonde Cable Repair
  • Blyth Demonstrator
  • WMS OoS Rembrant Cable Removal
  • Rampion EC2 removal
  • Hornsea One Cable Repair
  • Belwind Interconnector
  • Walney 3+4 Extension
  • Rampion EC3 installation
  • Hohe See OWF
  • Albatros OWF
  • Ostwind 2 OWF
  • London Array Cable Replacement
  • Egmond Cable Repair
  • Northwind Export Cable